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Aeronetworks Limited

Aeronetworks Limited is set up to provide support to small businesses and big corporates in the areas of courier, cargo and logistic services. We also provide support to airlines and business jet owners on international trip in the areas of flight planning, ground handling, slots and over-flight/landing permits. Our overarching goal is to provide quality and time based services throughout the aviation value chain, while benchmarking international best practices.

In pursuit of this objective our mission is to build a reputation of value creation for all stakeholders through the provision of innovative and time based services that meet customers’ expectations irrespective inherent constraints.


To lead change and develop new competencies in aviation support services offering.


  • To pioneer the provision of worldwide quality trip planning and support services in Africa.
  • To provide fast, safe and reliable courier and cargo services to national and international destinations.
  • To deploy international best practices in technology and new innovation in this regard.
  • To deliver our services in a safe and efficient manner in line with statute and SARPs.
  • To be innovative in employing new technology and tools in providing solutions that generate value for our clients.
  • To create a unique platform for continuous learning in order to upscale are skills and develop new competencies required to impact the industry in the future.


To build a reputation of value creation for all stakeholders through the provision of innovative and time based services that meet customer expectations irrespective of the type of aircraft or destination.


  1. Our services include, bulk mail delivery, grouped arrangements in delivery of parcels, products, machineries, and other items within Nigeria and international dstonations. We also take care of special projects, customized services including pick up and deliveries of special orders such as medical samples (in customized boxes) restaurant services, e-commerce deliveries and special errands.
  2. We also provide logistics for corporate organizations and NGOs, which require recurring documents confirmations, forwarding and evidenced delivery of sensitive items.
  3. Be sure to count on us when it comes to same day delivery anywhere in Lagos, and in Nigeria.
  4. We are your best option for delivery of time sensitive documents and parcels within Nigeria and international countries.

Our History

Aeronetworks Limited was founded in 2014. Over these years we have continued to provide services to airlines in the areas of trip planning, mail and cargo processing, with additional licencing to offer courier services. We currently act as General Sales Agent to some airlines.

Aeronetworks executive team is made up of highly skilled professionals in all aspects of flight operations and support services with a combined experience of over 34 years. We have over these few years established close business relationships with reputable companies throughout the aviation value chain around the world with a view to providing tailored services to match various needs of customers. Aeronetworks has its Head Office at the General Aviation Terminal, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, Nigeria.

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