We provide alternative means of land transportation for sensitive/urgent items (cargo) to major cities in Nigeria (when local airfreight service is delayed or not available).

Our Services Include

  • Obtaining Landing and Over Flight Clearances (World Wide)
  • Obtaining Temporary Air Service Permits / Flight Operating Permits / Block Clearances
  • Set up of ground handling arrangements
  • Set up and confirmation of fuel arrangements
  • Competitive fuel prices with MKV Aviation at most locations (Please request a quotation for a comparison) – Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Accommodation reservations
  • Transport arrangements
  • Flight planning services – provision and filing of flight plans
  • Weather – up to date weather provision
  • NOTAMS – up to date NOTAMS provision
  • Digital Flight Packs (Please request a demo version for your perusal)
  • Aircraft security arrangements
  • Credit facilities for all services – Terms & Conditions Apply
  • 24 / 7 availability